Did You Know…Gilles de Rais, child Serial Killer

Did you know... on September 15 1440 Gilles de Montmorency-Laval, Baron de Rais, was taken into custody  along with two of his bodyservents for the murder of anywhere up to 400 children over the course of nine years. He was convicted of the murders using the testimonies of witnesses and the uncovered bodies of some [...]


10 Creatures/Gods from Mythology Around the World

With Halloween being this month lets take a look at ten different Mythological creatures/gods from cultures around the world. 1- Sisiutl - North Coast Native American God Sisiutl is a god associated with warrior invincibility, is the guardian of the house of the sky people, and is able to transform into a submersible war canoe. [...]

The Pied Pipper

On June 26 1284, or so the original story goes, a young man, handsome in appearance and dressed in brightly coloured clothes entered the small town of Hamelin, Northern Germany. Standing in the middle of the town he proceeded to play a magnificent tune on his silver pipe, drawing the children of the town out [...]