King Scorpion I of Upper Egypt, 32nd C. BC.

King Scorpion I is one of two Scorpion King's from the pre-dynastic period of Egypt who ruled during the 32nd century BC. Here are 7 facts about a ruler that there is still so little known about. 1- Scorpion I is said to be the first true ruler of Upper Egypt and that his unification [...]


Did You Know…Scissors

Did you know that scissors are thought to have been invented by Egyptians in 1500 BC. They were made out of a single sheet of bronze and were U shaped. The first set of scissors pictured above are bronze from Trabzon, Turkey circa.2nd C AD. The second set below are made of silver from China [...]

Did You Know…

That the Kahun papyri, written by the Ancient Egyptians and dating back to roughly 1800 BC, is the very first treatise on Veterinary Science. It features information on treating dogs with ulcers, sick cattle, animals with fractures, neutering, and much more.