Charlie Chaplin and Mildred Harris

Charlie Chaplin and his first wife, Mildred Harris, were married from 1918 to 1920.    


On This Day… June 24

On this day in 1901 a 19 year old artist named Pablo Picasso held his first major exhibit at a gallery on rue Lafitte in Paris. The gallery where the exhibition was held was owned by Ambroise Vollard, a dealer who also sponsored artist Paul Cezanne, and the exhibition show cased 75 of Picasso's works. [...]

Did You Know… Posting children in the mail

Did you know that on June 13 1920 it was officially forbidden by the US Postmaster General to send children via the post. When Parcel post came to be in America in 1913 some parents capitalised on this and proceeded to mail their children to places such as their grandparents home. The cost of stamps [...]


“Teens freak out at Windows ’95”

This video by Fine Brothers Entertainment showing a group of today's teens attempting to use a pc with Windows 95 on it is just far too fun not to share. Have you ever used one of these computers? I vividly remember having them in school and at home; my how technology has changed.