Could the real Geillis Duncane please stand up

If you've read Diana Gabaldon's Cross Stitch series or watched its television adaption, Outlander, then you'll be familiar with the character Geillis Duncane, who was in fact a real person accused of Witchcraft. In the small Scottish village of Trenent, Geillis Duncane worked as a housemaid for the town's Deputy Bailiff, David Seaton.  She was [...]


Did You Know…Kissing Banned

On March 9 1562, kissing was banned in Naples, Italy. The ban carried a death sentence if you were caught partaking in the illegal activity. Despite seeming a tad harsh the law wasn't enacted in-order to limit public displays of affection, but rather to prevent the spread of disease and plague which was running rampant [...]

Did You Know…Hot Cross Buns

Eating small spiced fruit buns on particular religious holidays has occurred for thousands of years and for a myriad of different deities, however, it seems to have become a tradition associated with Christianity during the rule of the Tudor dynasty. Sometime during Tudor rule it was made illegal for bakers to sell the spiced buns, [...]


At the turn of the 16th Century a baby girl was born to an Aztec chief in a province of Mexico. As was the custom of her people she was named after the day of her birth, a name that would later haunt Mexican history and become synonymous with the destruction of the Aztec empire for [...]