Could the real Geillis Duncane please stand up

If you've read Diana Gabaldon's Cross Stitch series or watched its television adaption, Outlander, then you'll be familiar with the character Geillis Duncane, who was in fact a real person accused of Witchcraft. In the small Scottish village of Trenent, Geillis Duncane worked as a housemaid for the town's Deputy Bailiff, David Seaton.  She was [...]


Scythe of Cronus

The Scythe of Cronus was a stone Scythe gifted to the Titan Cronus by his mother Gaia, in order to bring about the fall of Uranus as revenge for hiding Gaia's children from her. Cronus used the Scythe to castrate Uranus before the injured god disappeared. Later it would be Zeus who would use Cronus's [...]

Guess What? Halloween is more Christian than Pagan

I'm going to put this up for 2 reasons. 1- Every year I argue (and argue and argue) that Halloween is NOT a holiday that originated in America, and 2) I struggle greatly with not bursting into a lecture when someone tells me that Halloween is pagan and has nothing to do with the Christian [...]

Did You Know…Hot Cross Buns

Eating small spiced fruit buns on particular religious holidays has occurred for thousands of years and for a myriad of different deities, however, it seems to have become a tradition associated with Christianity during the rule of the Tudor dynasty. Sometime during Tudor rule it was made illegal for bakers to sell the spiced buns, [...]

Did You Know…Kassia the Composer

Did you know that Byzantine abbess, poet, composer, and hymnographer, Kassia, is one of the earliest medieval composers whose hymns both still exist and are interpretable by modern scholars and musicians. In-fact Kassia, who lived from 810 AD- 865 AD in Constantinople, still has 23 hymns used in the Eastern Orthodox Church liturgical books today. [...]