King Scorpion I of Upper Egypt, 32nd C. BC.

King Scorpion I is one of two Scorpion King's from the pre-dynastic period of Egypt who ruled during the 32nd century BC. Here are 7 facts about a ruler that there is still so little known about. 1- Scorpion I is said to be the first true ruler of Upper Egypt and that his unification [...]


Prince Llywelyn ap Gruffudd (Llywelyn the Last) 1223-1282 AD

Welsh Prince Llywelyn ap Gruffudd is this weeks Monarch, so what makes him so interesting? 1- Llywelyn ap Gruffudd was born the second son of Llywelyn ap Iorwerth , Prince of Gwynedd, and Senana Ferch Caradog and is the last sovereign prince of Wales before King Edward III of England conquered the country. His father [...]

Princess Joanna of Portugal 1452-1490

This week Princess Joanna of Portugal features as the royal for Monarch Monday. 1) Joan was born to King Afonso V of Portugal and Queen Isabella of Coimbra on February 6 1452. When her older brother died she was made the Heir Presumptive instead of Infanta (princess), however, when her younger brother, John II, was [...]

Emperor Zhao of Han 94 BC-74 BC

This week Monarch Monday takes a look at Chinese Emperor Zhao of Han of the Western Han dynasty. 1- Emperor Zhao was born Prince Liu Fuling to Emperor Wu and his favourite concubine,Consort Zhao in 94 BC. 2- When it was decided that Prince Liu Fuling would be the Crown Prince, Emperor Wu had Consort [...]

King Coloman of Hungary 1070-1116

King Coloman of Hungary, or Coloman the Learned, was the King of Hungary from 1095-1116 AD and is the first Monarch to kick off Monarch Monday. Here's seven facts about King Coloman of Hungary and his life in 11/12th Century Hungary 1) He was born in 1070 to King Geza I of Hungary and Giza's first wife, [...]