The Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Unesco listed, the ruins were, according to legend, the capital of the Queen of Sheba.


Did You Know… Lighthouse of Alexandria

Did you know that while Alexander the Great is often attributed with having constructed the Lighthouse of Alexandria, it was actually Ptolemy I who ordered its construction. Ptolemy was the founder of the Ptolemy line of Egyptian Pharaohs of which Cleopatra is famously a part of, and a Macedonian general in Alexanders army who came [...]

2000 year old Podium found in the City of David, Jerusalem

Photo by Shai Halevy- Israel Antiquities Authority Earlier this week archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority uncovered a preaching stone, or podium, on Second Temple Road in the city of David, Jerusalem. The discovery is thought to have been constructed by the same group who made Second Temple Road due to both bearing the same [...]

Stone Markers behind the Colosseum, Rome.

These markers are a mystery to the Archaeological and Historical worlds. They sit roughly about 30 meters behind the Colosseum and don't appear to offer any obvious explanation as to their original function. Perhaps they were an area to make offerings to the gods, or place bets before a gladiatorial fight; maybe it was a [...]