King Scorpion I of Upper Egypt, 32nd C. BC.

King Scorpion I is one of two Scorpion King’s from the pre-dynastic period of Egypt who ruled during the 32nd century BC. Here are 7 facts about a ruler that there is still so little known about.

1- Scorpion I is said to be the first true ruler of Upper Egypt and that his unification of Upper Egypt was what paved the way for his successors to unify the Upper and Lower Kingdoms and rule Egypt as one country.

2- When he waged war in the Nile Delta, Scorpion I reached territory as far down as the area today known as Cairo.

3- The capital city during the Kings reign was Thinis, which replaced Hierakonpolis.

Hierakonpolis to Thinis

4- King Scorpion I is buried in the royal cemetery at Abydos and his tomb is considered to be one of the oldest in the grounds.

5- The Hieroglyphics discovered in his majesty’s tomb suggest that writing was established in Egypt earlier than archaeologists had previously thought.

6- In another first Scorpion I’s tomb contained some of the earliest evidence of wine making in the form of ceramic jars containing yellow residue. Grape seeds, skins, and dried pulp were also found.

7- The era in which Scorpion I ruled is known as Dynasty 0 as this was the period of time before the dynastic ruling of a unified Egypt.





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