Did You Know…Spartacus

SpartacusThe Slave leader and Gladiator known as Spartacus was a real person. Initially a slave who was trained as a Gladiator for arena fights he and 77 other slaves broke free of their compound in Capua, near the city of Naples, 73 B.C (originally 200 were to leave but their plans were discovered.). Over the course of the next 3 year Spartacus, his Generals, and his army of up to 120,000 slaves campaign in a military revolt against the Roman Republic. Spartacus is cut down in 70 B.C during his final battle at Reggio after wreaking much havoc on the Roman army during his time as Slave Leader, and the 6000 slaves that are re-caught are crucified and placed along the Apian Way from Capua to Rome. That’s a distance of 190 Km (118 Miles) of crucified men.


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