10 Historical Facts About Coffee

Coffee is a substance consumed in high quantities, daily, the world over but what do you know of its history. Have a read below at 10 facts regarding the history of coffee.


1- It is said the discovery of coffee occurred when a young goat herder in Ethiopia found his goats became very energetic when they ate the red berries from a particular bush, so he tried them himself and found he got that same energy boost. A group of monks found out about the beans and discovered, after many different trials, that if you roasted, ground and then boiled the fruit in hot water the end result could be drunk. The monks used this method to help stay awake during their long hours of prayer and word spread about the amazing properties of the drink

2- Iranian Scholar and Medic, Razi/Rhazes (Muhammad ibn Zakariyā Rāzī) who lived from 850-922, wrote that coffee, or bunchum as it was called it, was very good for the stomach, cleaned up the skin, and made the entire body smell better.

3- In 1100 AD coffee trees were cultivated in Yemen for the first time in history, making it the very first producer and exporter of coffee. A ban was placed on any fertile trees or berries leaving Yemen and the ports where the substance was exported from were guarded very closely. These exports were sent to most Islamic countries with cities such as Mecca, Cairo being quite popular for the drink.

Baba Budan

4- A pilgrim to Mecca, Baba Budan, smuggled live coffee berries out of Yemen in the 16th C. by strapping them to his belly when he returned to India. From that point on coffee plants began to grow in countries outside of Yemen and people were no longer forced to import their coffee strictly from the Yemenis. It is said that Budan took 7 berries because 7 is a sacred number in the Islamic faith.

5- The very first coffeehouse in the world opened in Constantinople (modern day Istanbul) in Turkey in 1475 and was called Kiva Han.

6- The Ottomans placed such an importance on coffee that it became legal for a woman to divorce her husband if he didn’t supply her with her daily quota.

clement-7- Pope Clement VIII (pope from 1592-1605) baptised the drink so that it could be drunk by Christian’s after his advisers strongly suggested he consider coffee an infidel threat from the Ottomans.

8- The first coffee beans, those exported from Yemen, were called Café Arabica, and are a coffee bean that is still in high demand today.

9-The Dutch founded the very first European owned coffee estate in 1696 in colonial Java (now part of Indonesia).

10- Captain John Smith (of James Town and Pocahontas fame) is thought to have been the first person to introduce coffee to North America in 1607, but the drink became popular with American Patriotism due to the Boston Tea Party during 1773 in the lead up to The American Revolution.

And there you have it, 10 historical facts about Coffee.

Coffee Berries

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